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Treatment of fue diesel with a permeable reactive barrier technology

CARDONA GALLO, SANTIAGO ALONSO (2007) Treatment of fue diesel with a permeable reactive barrier technology. Dyna; Vol. 74, núm. 153 (2007); 151-157 DYNA; Vol. 74, núm. 153 (2007); 151-157 2346-2183 0012-7353 .

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The objective of this investigation is to study the treatment of the diesel production of Mexican content in water with a system of permeable reactive barriers in laboratory (seven columns). An agricultural soil (ASo) was used as half reagent medium. It was applied peroxide of hydrogen to 50% industrial as source of oxygen and nitrogen in urea to 46% as nutrient. This characterized the reagent medium with the main parameters of interest (humidity, organic matter, pH, total nitrogen, available phosphorus, classification of the soil, volatile suspended solids, electric conductivity, real and apparent density, porosity, texture, color, hydraulic conductivity, field capacity and density of bacteria. The kinetic of degradation and the capacity of adsorption of the diesel was determined in the reagent medium by batches tests. The permeable reactive barriers were designed with the kinetic results obtained in the reactors by batch. The columns had 30 cm of length and 10 cm of diameter. The kinetics was determined during 18 days and the columns were run during 70 days where they presented removals up of 80 % in columns. An initial concentration of diesel of 15,000 mg/L was used. For the modeling of the adsorption the Langmuir equation was applied. For the supply of nutrients and oxygen the pattern proposed by McCarty and the half equation for diesel proposed by Jackson was applied. A velocity of degradation in the reagent medium of 0.0908 d-1 a coefficient of distribution of the diesel in the reagent medium of 0.8 ml/L, a capacity of adsorption of diesel in the medium reagent of 13.50 mg/L and a factor of retard of 3.69 in the soil is presented.

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