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Gestational obesity as a determinant of general anesthesia technique for caesarean delivery: a case report.

Navarro Vargas, José Ricardo and Aldana Díaz, José Luis and Eslava Schamalbach, Javier H. (2009) Gestational obesity as a determinant of general anesthesia technique for caesarean delivery: a case report. Revista de la Facultad de Medicina; Vol. 57, núm. 3 (2009) 2357-3848 0120-0011 .

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Background. The incidence of obesity has undergone a dramatic increase around the world during the last few years. Such epidemic behavior has been associated with obstetric patient’s frequent presentation of different stages of obesity when undergoing anesthetic procedure. Obesity in pregnant women involves the risk of adverse maternal and fetal outcomes. Hypertension and preeclampsia, diabetes, fetal macrosomia, caesarean delivery, difficult airway management and neuroaxial techniques are more likely to be performed in this group of patients. Materials and methods. This is a case report of a morbid obese patient scheduled for caesarean delivery and tubal ligation. Regional, spinal and epidural techniques were attempted for surgery with unsuccessful results; this entails general anesthesia for surgery. The literature on complications due to obesity during pregnancy was reviewed, emphasising relevance for the anesthesiologist. Conclusion. Obesity, especially morbid obesity in pregnant women, represents a challenge for anesthesia management. Updated knowledge of physiology and the conditions related to obesity in pregnancy is necessary; medical services must be prepared to provide optimum and safe obstetric anesthesia, analgesia and post-operation care.

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