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Groundwater investigation in awlad salameh southern sohag, upper egypt

Latif, Aiman Abdel and Kashouty, Mohamed El (2010) Groundwater investigation in awlad salameh southern sohag, upper egypt. Earth Sciences Research Journal; Vol. 14, núm. 1 (2010); 63-75 Earth Sciences Research Journal; Vol. 14, núm. 1 (2010); 63-75 2339-3459 1794-6190 .

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The groundwater was the only water resources in the reclaiming area in Awlad Salameh village in the western side of Nile valley in Sohag governorate, Egypt. The soil was salinized and decrease the income per capita due to the increase in water salinity. Fifty groundwater samples was analyzed for major ions, besides the hydrogeological data. The groundwater salinity increased in the northwestern, northern, and northeastern part, attributed to geological, hydrogeological, and anthropogenic sources. The structural pattern enhances the downward, lateral and upward intrusion of saline Eocene limestone and Nubian sandstone aquifers. The salinity decreased in areas of wadis deposits, which characterized by high infiltration of rainfall through gravelly and cobbly sediments. The K concentration ismainly caused by aquitard diffusion rather than anthropogenic. The saturation index approachand statistical analyses were determined and discussed with respect to the geomedia and anthropogenic source. The groundwateris unsuitable for drinking and irrigation purposes due to increase in total dissolved solids.

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