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Geoinformation density: a criterion on anh block negotiation

Vargas J., Carlos A. and Zamora R, Armando and Pardo, Andres (2007) Geoinformation density: a criterion on anh block negotiation. Earth Sciences Research Journal; Vol. 11, núm. 1 (2007); 5-19 Earth Sciences Research Journal; Vol. 11, núm. 1 (2007); 5-19 2339-3459 1794-6190 .

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Based on the general information included within the ANH Exploration and Production Information Service, the information distribution densities of the Colombian territory were determined. Thesedensities are referred in seismic length per square kilometer and amounts in magnetic-gravimetric and geochemical information data or drill-hole length per sq. km. A probabilistic distribution wasassessed along the density distribution and cost distribution for each variable. The variables, as information layers, were cross-referenced in order to define relative weights that assess information with respect to the presence or absence of information in the treated area.This procedure could be regarded as a methodological support proposal for area negotiation of the oil industry. A better approach to the quandary should include: new input of data into the system, a division of the territory in smaller areas adjusting to complex geometries, and considering the particular market conditions for each basin. Nevertheless, it is apparent that the obtained results favorthe consolidation of a conceptual framework that at medium term will allow a conscious approach towards block negotiation between the petroleum industry and the ANH.

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