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Microstructural analysis of a1-mg-si-zn alloy

Valadez, Sergio and Zanatta Alarcón, Adrianni and Robles Casolco, Said and Valdéz Rodríguez, Socorro (2010) Microstructural analysis of a1-mg-si-zn alloy. Dyna; Vol. 77, núm. 163 (2010); 09-12 DYNA; Vol. 77, núm. 163 (2010); 09-12 2346-2183 0012-7353 .

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As a part of an overall effort to develop a new A1-alloy appropriated for structural applications, a characterization research was directed towards the development of microstructure and their relationship with heat treatment. The A1-Mg-Si-Zn was chose for that purpose due to the presence of precipitates in α-A1 matrix and at grain boundaries, capable to get an excellent relationship between hardness and mechanical resistance. With regards to microstructure, this was characterized in the as-cast and as-aged condition. This treatment was carried out in two stages, the first one at 450ºC during 3 hr which correspond to homogenization treatment and the second one, the ageing treatment at 160 ºC 1hr. Results of microstructure characterization in the ascast ingots showed the α-A1 dendrites, and in addition the presence of a binary eutectic and particles of Mg₇Zn₃ type in interdendritic regions. The eutectic and particles were modified by the aged treatment. Transmission electron microscopic observations carried out in specimens with and without heat treatments showed a uniform distribution of precipitates with different morphologies like cubic, spherical and platelet; in the matrix, which were no detected during the scanning electron microscope observations.

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Palabras clave:Microstructure, eutectic, precipitates, heat treatment.
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