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Energy generation expansion planning model considering emissions constraints

Mejía Giraldo, Diego Adolfo and López Lezama, Jesús María and Gallego Pareja, Luis Alfonso (2010) Energy generation expansion planning model considering emissions constraints. Dyna; Vol. 77, núm. 163 (2010); 75-84 DYNA; Vol. 77, núm. 163 (2010); 75-84 2346-2183 0012-7353 .

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The generation expansion planning (GEP) problem consists in determining the type of technology, size, location and time at which new generation units must be integrated to the system, over a given planning horizon, to satisfy the forecasted energy demand. Over the past few years, due to an increasing awareness of environmental issues, different approaches to solve the GEP problem have included some sort of environmental policy, typically based on emission constraints. This paper presents a linear model in a dynamic version to solve the GEP problem. The main difference between the proposed model and most of the works presented in the specialized literature is the way the environmental policy is envisaged. Such policy includes: i) the taxation of CO₂ emissions, ii) an annual Emissions Reduction Rate (ERR) in the overall system, and iii) the gradual retirement of old inefficient generation plants. The proposed model is applied in an 11-region to design the most cost-effective and sustainable 10-technology US energy portfolio for the next 20 years.

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Palabras clave:Generation expansion planning, reduction of CO2 emissions, linear programming.
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