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Safeguard plan management for heritage buildings: development of a spatial information system

Muñoz Nieto, Angel and González Aguilera, Diego and Rodríguez Gonzalvez, Pablo and Mancera Taboada, Juan (2011) Safeguard plan management for heritage buildings: development of a spatial information system. Dyna; Vol. 78, núm. 170 (2011); 90-97 DYNA; Vol. 78, núm. 170 (2011); 90-97 2346-2183 0012-7353 .

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This paper explains the methodology and criteria used in the development of a new tool for the management of a safeguard plan for historic buildings in Avila, which is a Spanish World Heritage City. As a result of a first approximation, there are many requirements to take into account: completeness, interactivity, ease of use, modularity, and low costs. Due to the characteristics of the information (spatially located, heterogenic, and provided in different formats) we consider it indispensable to create a spatial information system that is qualifiedfor organizing all available multimedia digital information (2-D images, panoramas, graphics, text documents, and music). While the mainobjective of this study is to provide a simple tool for the management of historic and artistic heritage in the form of a safeguard plan, the features of the tool created here open up new possibilities for other uses in the future.

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Palabras clave:safeguard plan, emergency plan, close-range photogrammetry, heritage buildings, spatial information system
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