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Evaluation of a coal biodesulfurization process (semi-continuous mode) on the pilot plant level

Caicedo Pineda, Gerardo Andrés and Prada Fonseca, María Consuelo and Peláez Morales, Héctor and Moreno Herrera, Claudia Ximena and Márquez, Marco Antonio (2012) Evaluation of a coal biodesulfurization process (semi-continuous mode) on the pilot plant level. Dyna; Vol. 79, núm. 174 (2012); 114-118 DYNA; Vol. 79, núm. 174 (2012); 114-118 2346-2183 0012-7353 .

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The biodesulfurization process of coal from the municipality of Puerto Libertador (Córdoba, Colombia) with high-sulfur content (Spyritic = 1.03%, Sorganic = 0.9%, Ssulfates = 0.1%) was carried out in a 4,000 L stirred tank reactor. A mixed culture of A. ferrooxidans and A. thiooxidans was used. The process was configured in a discharge-charge system at room temperature with the pH controlled at 1.8±0.1, 4 mg/L of dissolved oxygen, and a coal particle size -3/4” (dp‹19.05 mm). Two residence times (D2: 8 days and D1: 4 days) were evaluated. The best results showed 59.22% of pyritic sulfur oxidation with a residence time of 4 days. These results show good expectations for a process which can be applied without having to grind the coal to a fine size. On the other hand, liquid effluents, produced during the biodesulfurization process, were neutralized to a pH of between 7.5–8.5, by adding lime. The neutralization reached removals of 100% total iron, 69.81% sulfates, and 66.09% total solids.

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