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How far away from the society of knowledge are we?

Agudelo Calderon, Carlos Alberto (2009) How far away from the society of knowledge are we? Journal of Public Health; Vol. 11, núm. 4 (2009); 502 Revista de Salud Pública; Vol. 11, núm. 4 (2009); 502 0124-0064 .

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Colombia’s GNP has grown from an average 4.8 % growth-rate during 2003 to 2006 to 7.5 % during 2007 to 2008. Such growth in GNP has been mostly produced by increased investment representing 29 % for 2008. On the other hand, significant national efforts have been made by all actors seeking to increase research resources, research groups and institutional capacity during the last two decades.However, the country’s economic growth has not been dynamised by national scientific and technological development and the aforementioned investment levels have not substantially modified investigation in science and technology. The country’s recently sustained growth in these conditions has suggested that some of the deeper problems hindering science and technology have become synchronised with Colombia’s development, or vice versa.Indeed, Colombia continues occupying a place lagging behind in terms of all scientific and technological development indicators (investigators and PhDs per thousand inhabitants, indexed publications, percentage of graduates in sciences, patents, etc.), even when compared to countries such as Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Mexico. Likewise, investment in Colombia by all actors in science, technology and innovation during 2005 reached 0.52 % of GNP; however, investment in Research and Development only accounted for 0.18 % of GNP. This means that, in spite of all efforts, the level of investment in R&D continues being very low if it is to become an effective motor of productive and social transformation.

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